Blockchain. The Solution lies Outside

3 min readJun 12, 2021

The first article in the series “ExtraChain — new step for blockchained Apps” outlined the problems and challenges facing users and developers. And now we want to explain our “tool” to resolve them.

As a result of the search for a solution, the concept of “Distributed File System” was proposed — a distributed data storage system aimed at providing decentralized, “cloud”, but fast and reliable access to files for both an ordinary user and an application or service.

In this concept, a decentralized structure of a network is responsible for the speed of data delivery, and a group of blockchains, that store the state of the file and its history of changes — for reliability.

ExtraChain Units and Entities

This approach has created a number of features and capabilities.

For example, the presence of high-speed data channels in the platform allows organizing streaming sessions (streaming video, music, large amounts of data). This is also facilitated by the principle of temporary reorganization of the network, with a center at the source of the stream, and powerful devices in the role of repeaters.

In turn, the presence of a distributed data storage allows you to save voluminous media content (short and long videos, stream recordings, complex images), with a minimum load on the user’s device memory, and also allows you to structure and protect data uploaded to the network with separation of access rights and varying degrees of publicity.

All this is backed by blockchain security and encryption, which allows relying on unique anonymous identifiers, creating the necessary secure environment for network participants.

Thus, the benefits for network participants are quite obvious:

  • There is no need to create additional infrastructure for the project (servers, load balancers, etc.)).
  • There is access to high-speed data exchange, which allows distributed nodes to be used both as a source and as a content relay (which greatly stabilizes the data flow and ultimately improves the user experience when using the ExC streaming module).
  • Security: The data uploaded to the network is encrypted with a highly secure algorithm (ECIES). The history of changes is available and cannot be tampered with. the ExC blockchain is used.
  • Scale efficiently: Go from 100 clients to 10,000 clients quickly thanks to the distributed architecture. The load on a node is distributed among the network participants in such a way that the nearest nodes share processing among themselves, increasing the response speed when performing any operation.
  • Speed: to create a token with support for mining and staking, you do not need to create a separate software solution — these functions are already available from the very beginning.

A by-product of the research also turned out to be the concept of “DAppStore” — a flexible system that provides a universal interface, authorization and authentication system for all applications built on ExDFS. This concept can be described in three points:

  • Access — User ID and his key give access to any service with ExDFS, which removes the registration barrier and allows you to immediately go to work with the service.
  • Interaction — each application or service is able to exchange data with other network participants (regular clients, other services, etc.) through a universal interface, which removes the need for the developer to create their own auxiliary services, and makes it possible to use existing ones.
  • Versatility — the interaction of services is not limited to simple integration. The ExtraChain network offers its own implementation of the DeFi approach to the formation of a pool of liquidity for such services. Traditional DeFi is complemented by an automated system for moving liquidity between services to speed up and facilitate the user experience in a DFS-based application.

This is how ExtraChain was born — a network aimed at ease of interaction and ease of use of blockchain in everyday life.

We are ExtraChain. And we offer the Solution.